Potatoes as food commodity substitution for rice

Potatoes are a unique commodity that can be developed in Indonesia. On various occasions, the food is processed with potatoes to increase the variation of carbohydrate and as nutritious food intake. Besides potatoes are a good alternative in improving diet, especially for those who like to go on a diet. Not surprisingly, the demand for potatoes has increased along with the diets of our people who are getting used to consuming carbohydrates other than rice.

However, the fact is the availability of potatoes does not meet market demand, so that Indonesia in recent years still imports this commodity.

Following is the figure of Potato Harvesting based on Province during period of 2015 – 2019

Source: Statistical Agency of Horticulture Directorate General

One alternative that can be developed during difficult times like this [Pandemic] is by conducting potato cultivation. A few years ago, it was predicted that the government would be hard to guarantee food security if it only relied on rice. There is a tendency to find alternative food commodities as an alternative to replace rice to support food security. We need to be grateful because Indonesia has the potential to develop food that is quite high.

In all directions, there are local food plants that thrive. Our society is very wise and has high knowledge of utilizing nature for life, maintaining soil fertility, and environmental preservation.

Rice-based consumption must be slowly changed to eating based on nutritional carbohydrate requirements and can be grown in Indonesia. For this purpose, potato commodity is one of the options to fulfill those needs. .

Potatoes contain adequate nutrition [high] and have an advantage in planting because they can be grown in a small area. Besides that, the food security and cultivation diversity program makes potatoe as one of the hopes to sustain the increasing food needs.