Bogorlab provides a different range of activities that are related to laboratory testing and services. Most of the services are to present evidence include environmental decision making support and prescription of analysis of environmental impact assessment.

Our Bogorlab Service for People

Environmental Sample Testing

  • Water / Seawater
  • Sediment and Soil
  • Air Quality 

Environmental Monitoring

  • Baseline Study
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (AMDAL)
  • Contaminated Site

Health & Industrial Hygiene

  • Drinking Water Quality
  • Microbiological Testing

Laboratory Training & Development

  • Quality Control & Assurance Program
  • Environmental Facility Design
  •  Laboratory Methods & Technique
  • Analytical Capability Assessment

Quality Control & Assurance Programs

Credible result of analysis mainly depends on how QC and QA program applied in laboratory  operation.  bogorlab implements a quality system that covers all operations. This QC/QA start from analysis inquiry to report delivery.

In analysis mechanism we devote a 20% effort toward ensuring the reliability and validity of the data being generated