PocketBook of Potential Foodstuffs for Anti Virus and Immune Booster

Covid-19 pandemic which certainly will not pass quickly and corresponding to all sectors of life, has pushed various efforts to be able to survive and live healthy by utilizing various existing potential sources.. Indonesia is rich in various potential natural resources including nutrients rich in food and beneficial bioactive components health.

This pocketbook presents various types of foodstuffs and products preparations that have active ingredients and benefits as antivirus
and immune booster, including manufacturing products and some technologies processing that has been developed by the Postharvest Research Center Agriculture (BB Postharvest). Ways of consumption, dosage, and side effects might arise from consuming each product also described, with the hope that the community can obtain complete information.

This pocket is expected to be one source of information that can be
enhancing the reader’s insight to increase endurance by utilizing the food that is around us.

Furthermore, suggestions and constructive criticism are expected above all
deficiencies found in this pocketbook for future improvement.