Waste Management

Waste management in a particular work unit or company usually follows the common mechanism.

Looking at the results of operation monitoring, it is known that the performance in treating waste is more effective than processing with conventional settling ponds. Liquid waste (effluent) generated from mining operations and other types of processing activities with the aim to reduce the total suspended solids (TSS) and metal pollution. Several mining companies are committed to treating wastewater to meet quality standards before being channeled back to water bodies.

Hazardous Waste Management is one of a series of activities that includes storage, collection, utilization, transportation, and processing of B3 waste including the stockpiling of the processing results. So it can be concluded that the B3 waste management actors include:
B3 waste producer
B3 Waste Collector
Hazardous Waste Carrier
B3 Waste Users
B3 Waste Management
B3 Waste landfill