ISAP – International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific

On 30 November, IGES will hold the Plenary Session of its annual “International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific” (ISAP2020), in an online format. This year’s theme is “Just Transitions Toward Sustainable Societies in Asia and the Pacific: Building Forward Better for Our Future Beyond COVID-19”.

Sessions will be held from 10:30-17:30 (JST), at:

The distinguished guest speakers include: Achim Steiner (UNDP Administrator), who will give a Keynote Speech, following Opening Remarks by KOIZUMI Shinjiro (Minister of the Environment of Japan) and Yuji Kuroiwa (Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture). In the first Plenary session, Kazuhiko Takeuchi (IGES President) will hold a discussion about biodiversity, climate, and the SDGs with representatives from leading environmental organizations, For the following sessions, IGES researchers and additional invitees will provide perspectives from Asia, and explore topics of international science, policy and implementation, as well as knowledge on SDG actions by business. The final session is a debate hosted by Yasuo Takahashi (IGES Executive Director), before closing remarks by Nobutoshi Miyoshi (IGES Managing Director).

The Plenary day is also an occasion to reflect on what was discussed during the Thematic Tracks held from 9 to 13 November. A wide range of topics were covered that week, and all were streamed for guests, and recorded to make them accessible to a broader audience. The Thematic Track archives are available here, and please check some of them out, in order to make the 30 November plenary even more meaningful!

This year’s forum also features a virtual exhibition, where participants can see publications, watch videos, and chat with other avatars (automatically generated for visitors upon entering the forum via this link) in the venue. The virtual venue can be accessed here:

With the need for a swift response and recovery from COVID-19, as well as the chance to think about how we can redesign our societies and transform them to be more sustainable, resilient, just and inclusive, ISAP2020 showcases IGES’ position on current and future risks, and makes a call for stronger partnerships with relevant stakeholders.

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